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Prayers for Life at the University

Dear God, sometimes new beginnings scare me, and sometimes a beginning fills me with such anticipation
of what is to come! The semester begins, the week begins, the class begins, the season begins, the friendship
begins, and I begin again with them. Dear God, you who were at the beginning and before, you who stand
within, above, beyond, and for all things, bless this beginning and bless me. Amen.

Dear God, there are classes I need and classes I want and the sense of not being in control of my own destiny
can wear me down. Its part of life and the University and I guess I need to deal with it, but give me patience
and good humor in the process. Grant me the gift of perception as I make my plans. Help me to have a joyful
anticipation for the term that lies ahead, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

God, Adam woke up and saw his new roommate and was thrilled. I guess the Office of Residential Life
may not be as careful as you! But God, hear me as I pray for the people I share my life with. I pray for
my roommate. Help me to live in this community with a sense of openness and responsiveness. Bless my
roommate and me with common sense and courtesy. And help us to be blessings for each other. In Christ,

A Required Class
God, yes, all knowledge comes from you. But I am in a class that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense or
give much useful knowledge. Ah, God, one more area of my life I can’t control! Give me balance between a bad
attitude in this class and a healthy critical sense that can sniff out what is bogus and hold on to what is valuable.
Open me to the possibility that even this class can teach me something! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Class I Like
Dear God, sometimes things feel right, you know? I thank you that you have led me to this place at this time.
I thank you for my comrades and for those who teach with joy and excitement. I thank you for expanded horizons
and the newness you have planted for us to find in all things. God, thank you for making learning a pleasure.

O boy, God...I’m not sure I’m ready for this! Have I been attentive enough? Have I taken good notes? Why does
the test have to happen now? Help me to prepare. Help me to enjoy the process (Is that possible, Lord?) Save
me from despair and help me to see that your love, at least, comes without strings. Amen!

They’re a part of life here, Dear God. My friends go, my room mate goes ... I go too. God, now, while I’m able
to make sound and sober decisions, help me to think about what is proper and responsible for me. Give me the
wisdom to make wise decisions and give me the discipline to follow through. But also give me times of fun and
frivolity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Declaring a Major
Why do I have to decide now, God? What if I make the wrong decision or I end up not liking the classes or the
job market is weak or my parents don’t agree? You have called me first of all to be human, God. Thank you for
helping me with that! Your Spirit has made me Christian – thank you for that too. I ask for your help now to
decide how best to serve you and your world. Be with me. Amen.

Non Christian Students
Dear God, I thank you that you have met me in my life and my church. I’m meeting people who say they have
met you in other ways and other traditions. Help me to listen to them. Help them to listen to me! Give me
enough faith not to be afraid of their faith. Give me enough love to love others in their humanity. Help me not to
dismiss the possibility that you may be greater than my belief systems. Dear God, love us all. Amen.

Non-believing Students
God, a lot of people here dismiss you. A lot of people here would make fun of me because I trust you. I’m
scared sometimes by my own unbelief, God! As I meet those who for now have chosen not to believe in you,
keep me from being either offensive or defensive. Help me to love them since that is what you command. Open
them to your grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

For Teachers
Dear God, sometimes Jesus was called ‘teacher’. I guess that tells me how important teachers can be. I want to
pray for those who are teaching me this term – professors, T.A.’s, lecturers – all of them who are sharing their
knowledge with me. Help me to listen to, question, respect and challenge them. Help them to do the same with
me. In the name of Christ, teacher and savior, Amen.

Dear God, the world is a wonderful and an awesome place. I thank you for the rhythm of the days and seasons,
the variety of the created world, the beauty to be found in things great and small. You have made me a part of this
world. Help me always to have a sense of place and wonder and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Nations
God, help me to know that the only way I can pray for my nation is that I also pray for all nations. Bless this land; bless all lands. Grant justice, peace, prosperity, community, and love to all nations. And God, be especially active in those lands where hatred and violence are currently holding sway. Send peacemakers, God. Amen. • Lutheran Campus Center • 325 N. Mills Street Madison, WI 53715
On the corner of University Avenue & Mills Street • 608-257-7178