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Prayers for Myself

For myself
God, I thank you for me! Help me to be proud of myself in the areas where pride is due. Help me to be humble
with real humility. Help me to be what I have the potential to be. But in all things, give me grace to know that I
am yours and that in all things I rest safe, secure, loved and invaluable. Thank you God! Amen.

God, can you figure out my parents? Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t and sometimes I don’t want or
need to. But, God, thank you for those who gave me life and nourished me. Help them to love themselves.
Keep them from judging themselves by their children. And God, keep me from judging myself by my parents.
Help us to respect each other and enjoy each other for you gave us to each other. Amen.

Ah, dear God, why did you make the day so short and yet so long? I’m feeling rushed and pushed and flushed
and bushed and I need some rest but have to get things done! Ah, dear God, give me strength to do what needs
to be done; but also give me grace and self-forgiveness that will allow me to allow myself some time off. Help
me, please. Amen.

God, why did you give me a body that sometimes turns on me? What good are germs and viruses and bacteria?
I pray for health and haling and wholeness -- not just for myself, but for all who are sick in body or mind or
both. I really can’t afford to be sick just now, but since I am, grant me patience, grant me rest, and grant me a
return to health, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

God, just now I’m really angry. Help me not so much to feel shame for anger -- it’s an emotion even you feel
-- as to do something useful with my anger. Help me explore the causes, express the emotion and seek a solution
that is fair and right. God of vast variety, bless my variety of feelings. In Christ. Amen.

God, today I feel alone. Sometimes I like to be alone, but not today. Help me. Help me to bear with the pain
I’m feeling. Don’t let it beat me down. Help me feel for others who are also lonely. Help me pray for the ones I
miss. Remind me, dear God, of your presence. I need it now. For Christ’s sake. Amen.

Dear God, I’m really tired. I want to rest, I want to take it easy, I want to forget this grind for a while. Christ,
you know how it feels, give me strength. Maybe strength to keep going ... and maybe strength to go ahead and
take a break (or a nap, God, yes a nap!). I am tired. Be with me now; guide me now; hold me Lord, please.

God, sometimes I don’t believe you. Sometimes, God, I’m not sure I believe in you. I know that doesn’t shock
you, but it scares me. God, have I used my faith to protect me from the world? Have I sought bliss in belief? Do
I doubt when I’m given the false choice between you and life here? Bear with me in my doubt, and open me to
the creativity and faith that is strong enough to doubt. In Christ, Amen.

All right! Yes! God, I am feeling so good now! I thank you that you have given me the emotion of joy and that
you have built into creation events to prompt it! God, I am joyful now. Thank you for those things that have
given me joy. Thank you for those people who are reasons for joy. Thank you, dear Lord of divine hilarity, for
joy itself! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God, I thank you for making me physical and sexual. I thank you for the mystery and the wonder that is the
human body and the human mind. Sometimes my sexuality confuses and frightens me. Help me at those times.
Sometimes my sexuality is a source of joy and wonder. Open me at those times to wonder. You gave us the gift
of sexuality as part of our community life. Help me to be responsible and thank you God for the gift! Amen.

God, just now I’m pretty angry with someone. I don’t want to do this, but hear me as I pray for that person; not
that his or her mind will be changed to agree with me so much as that my mind might change to be calmer, more
respectful, more open to dialogue. I know conflict isn’t bad; help me to handle this one right. In Jesus’ name,
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