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Prayers for the Month

A prayer for reading scripture
Gracious God, you have caused the Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning. Grant that we may, with joy, anticipation, and openness, hear them, read them, mark them, learn them and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of your Holy Word, we may embrace and hold forever the blessed hope of everlasting life which you have given us in our Savior Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever, Amen.

Morning Prayer for January
Gracious God, you call me into the future. You have brought me to this day. I ask you to keep me open to the people and opportunities I will meet today. Help me to say and to do those things that praise you and help others. Grant me the faith to forgive and to be forgiven. In Christ, Amen.

Evening Prayer for January
You have built ‘sabbath’ into the very fabric of existence, dear God. You call me now into the sabbath rest of this day. Watch over me and keep me safe. Bless my loved ones. And bless those whom I cannot love, but are still loved by you. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Morning Prayer for February
God of love, your love calls me into this day. I ask for a good spirit to face the day, a sound mind to under take the challenges of the day, and faith to see you in the day. In Christ, Amen.

Evening Prayer for February
I ask for you to close this day gently for me, dear God. While I lie down to rest, while I try to forget for now the deadlines and duties, while I look to blessed sleep, close the day for me. And wake me tomorrow. Amen.

Morning Prayer for March
Gracious God, I look ahead to the end of this school year, to the end of exams and papers, to the end of academics, to the end of apprenticeship. But now, God, lead me through to the end of this day. Guide me, sustain me and direct me. Amen.

Evening Prayer for March
Dear God, I give you thanks for your presence in this day. Some of what I experienced, I expected; some, I did not expect, but you saw me through. Be with me this evening, dear God, and see me safely through the night. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Morning Prayer for April
God of natural spring growth and miraculous resurrection, give me the joy of both in this day. Help me to rejoice in the beauty of the world and in the wonder of your gift of life. Make that joy to be the difference in this day. In Christ, Amen.

Evening Prayer for April
I thank you for the lengthening days, the increasing warmth and the promise of completion each day holds. And I thank you, dear God, for the completion of this day. Bless all that I have done well; forgive all that I have done poorly or selfishly. Grant me rest tonight, for Christ’s sake, Amen.

Morning Prayer for May
Gracious God, you have brought me this far in the academic year. Your grace has sustained me and your faithfulness has comforted me. Be with me also today. Grant that all I do might be done to your glory and to the good of your world. Amen.

Evening Prayer for May
Lord of all, the day is nearly over. I am tired. I ask you to bless me with sleep and to watch over me while I rest. Give me hope for tomorrow and gratitude for all that has brought me here. I praise you and give you thanks. In Christ, Amen.

Morning Prayer for September
God of ancient newness, the rhythm of the earth moves toward the autumn, and the rhythm of my life moves me back to school. The rhythm of this day sends me from the comfort of sleep to the pursuit of wisdom. the rhythm of my life echoes the rhythm of your call. Dear God, bless this day. Be with me in this day’s journey and bless all I learn. For Christ’s sake, Amen

Evening Prayer for September
God, you create and inhabit both light and shadow. You have filled this day with your presence, although I have rarely been aware of it. You have created me to be a creature who returns each day to the rest you prepare for all. As I enter the Sabbath rest of this evening, I thank you for the day you have given me. Watch over me, grant me a peaceful night, and wake me refreshed and prepared for the future where I will meet you. In Christ, Amen.

Morning Prayer for October
God, things hardly ever stay the same! I wake up as a person at least a bit different from the one who went to sleep last night. The earth is moving into color that means both death and life. God, grant me a day that rejoices in change and variety. Grant me a mind that delights to explore and expand. Grant me a spirit that desires to be open and accepting. Grant me a day that is filled with you. In Christ’s name, Amen.

Evening Prayer for October
Dear God, how can I tell when fatigue is good or bad? Do I need to know? God, the day is over. Like all days, it has been a mixture of many things, many emotions, many insights, many successes and many failures. I sense fatigue in body and mind. I could use more strength and more time. Help me to live with the strength and the time I have. For now, dear God, be with me as I sleep. Give me rest and refreshment and another day of your grace. In Jesus, Amen.

Morning Prayer for November
Dear God, the school year is long like a camping trip. I find a good place to stay, only to know that I have to
pack up and take off the next morning. God, the next morning is hear. I remember you setting up your tent with
the children wandering in the wilderness, tenting with us as the Word mad flesh, embarking and disembarking
even with me! God, a new day... God, new horizons... God, travel with me. In Christ, Amen.

Evening Prayer for November
The nights are longer now, dear God. The shadows reach out. Sometimes their reach is a welcome embrace – a
safe and quiet way to end the day. Sometimes their extended arms seem to threaten me, and I fear the passing
they offer. God, this portion of my portion of time is coming to a close. Thank you for being with me through
the day. Thank you for promising to bear me through the night. Give me safe rest. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

Morning Prayer for December
O come, O come, Emmanuel! This month is one of preparations dear God.
I prepare for the news of my savior’s birth, but I also prepare for finals. Is there judgment in both? God, another
day of preparation and performance, another day of trial and error, another day of judgment ... and grace? Dear
God, prepare me for the ultimate news of your love for the cosmos. And prepare me for the day that lies ahead.
Save me in the time of testing! In Jesus, Amen.

Evening Prayer for December
Loving God, the days are so short now, and the tasks are so many! Your grace is so good, so welcome, so
welcoming. Dear God, I need your grace, your welcome, your love, your care, your presence. Thank you for the
blessings of this day. Be with me now and give me the blessings of the night. In Christ, Amen.

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