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*This info is based on the questionnaires of Girl Talk 2001 and are for the purposes of entertainment only.

The sample included 17 7&8th grade girls from the Madison area with their answers are Blue and

The sample included 18 college age women from UW-Madison and are in Pink.


1. What's your favorite thing to eat?

18% - Ice Cream

12% - Pizza

12% - Junk food

6% each - soup, chili, salad, blueberry muffins, Chinese food, spaghetti, bananas, donuts, turkey

Most Common Answers

Mom's lasagna, dessert, Ice cream, fresh fruit, and Chocolate

Also: cheesecake, Mom's pancakes, steak, cookie dough, crackers, cake with frosting, ravioli, hot dogs, candied cherries, Italian food, anything w/Chicken, pasta, chocolate cake, cheese fries, Goldfish crackers, Pokey sticks

2. What do you like to do after school or on weekends?

47% Hang out with friends

12% Computer (Go on-line)

6% each - play music, sleep-in, read, practice instruments, visit family, go to the movies, shopping, have sleepovers

Dance, workout, sleep, go home, watch chick flicks, listen to music, enjoy the sunshine, watch Badger basketball, go to the movies, watch TV, spend time with family, hang out with friends, read, chill out, walk the dog, sew, sail, play piano, row, write letters, procrastinate


3. What is your dream job?

18% Teacher

12% Marine biologist

6% each - writer for the NY Times, hair stylist, Humane Society worker, nurse, photographer, doctor, a pro goalie, cosmetologist, designer, architect, actress/model, physical therapist

Wife, mother, farmer, lawyer,nurse, paleontologist, vet, astronomist, marine biologist, medical illustrator,high school math teacher, Martha Stewart, VP of a large engineering &construction Co., travel book author, figure skater, ballerina, straw wrapper manufacturer, special ed. teacher, child defense lawyer, Broadway singer, fashion designer, animation artist, Packer talk show host, clinical psychologist, finance lawyer, pharmacist, professor


4. What's you favorite Time of Day?


53% Afternoon

47% Night

29% Night

32% Morning

12% Evening 

21% Afternoon

6% Morning

Our Favorite Answers

Bright, sunshiny Days, Late nights,Naptime, Right before bed 


5. What do you like best about your body?

24% Eyes

18% Hair

12% Body shape

6% each - Height,bellybutton, arms, waist, legs, "I'm strong", feet/hands, everything, Don't know

Two most popular answers were MY HAIR and MY EYES

Also: smile, legs, height, nose,lips, shin muscles, dimples in my shoulders, eye color, that my big toe is shorter than my 2nd toe, "I'm healthy", "I look great!"


6. Who is your favorite Woman from the Bible?



59% Mary, Mother of Jesus

30% Mary, Mother of Jesus

18% Eve

15% Mary Magdalene

6% Mary Magdalene

15% Ruth

6% Moses' Sister

5% Elizabeth

6% Ruth

5% Eve

6% Don't know/Don't have one

5% Judith

5% Noah's Wife

5% Ester

5% Sarah



7. What's your favorite Item of Clothing?

41% Shoes

12% each - Sweater, American Eagle pants, Shirts/turtlenecks, Don't know

6% each - Jeans, Calvin Klein, 

A hooded Wisconsin sweatshirt, anything yellow, Victoria's Secret bras, warm socks, a pair of comfortable, perfectly fitting jeans, mittens, big brown shoes, swimsuit, shoes, red boots, a comfy sweater, leather Mary Janes, black velvet dress, flannel pjs, anything sparkly, fuzzy socks


  8. What do you do when you're bored?  

18% Call friends

12% each - Play on computer/Go on the internet, Get together w/friends, 

6% each - Read, practice instruments, watch TV, find something to do, clean my room, listen to music and dance, play w/my cat, eat

63% Like to read

Also: listening to music, shopping, calling friends, writing letters, sleeping, checking email, watching TV, cooking, playing on the computer, sewing, working out, eating snacks, crocheting, downloading music, drawing, painting, playing the violin, going for walks, and "Bored? What is bored?"

  9. What's the hardest thing about Middle School?  

18% each - Getting up to go to school in the morning and homework 

12% each - Tests/Quizzes,"Popular people"

6% each - Classes, math, math teacher, science, learning, growing up, grades

Friends, mean kids, ridicule, unrequited crushes, peer pressure, puberty, adjustments and . . .

being ditched by the guy of your dreams

breaking the boundaries of cliques

being myself but having friends

hating to talk to people because I felt insecure

boys that make fun of you

not having a group of my own

feeling the need to change to please others

feeling like an outsider

being an individual

wanting to act childish but not being allowed to


10. What's the best thing about Middle School?


18% each -Friends and guys, being the oldest/8th graders

12% each - Friends and lunch/recess

6% each - Time to talk to friends, lockers & choices, clubs, study hall, teachers, art class, don't know

Making new friends, changing classes, new experiences, growing up, being taken seriously, starting to learn who you are, meeting friends I've kept for a long time, middle school dances, close friends, playing volleyball, classes, balance of freedom and little responsibility, sports

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