Welcome to the Lutheran Campus Center Girl Talk Page!! 

This website contains information on Girl Talk including registration forms

for this year, pictures from previous years and fun female facts.

Girl Talk!!!

If you are interested in joining us at Girl Talk for 05 it will be January 22-23, 2005.

Please click on registration to open the online registration form in word format

and click on here for the file in PDF format.

Wishes from the 2005 Girl Talk Participants to future Girl Talk Participants...

"We hope that everyone stays safe and meets new friends."

"Have an open mind and have a great time."

"We Wish that you have a whole lot of fun! :-)"

*Click on the lips below to view each link.

What Women Say -

Quotes from Wild Women

What Women Think -

Check out answers from our questionnaires filled out by previous attendees and staff.

What Women Read -

Selected Readings List

Girl Talk Snapshots -

Girl Talk's Yahoo Photos

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