New Orleans 2007 

Off to our first day of mucking
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Group picture in the manger at 7 in the morning
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Kacee shaking out her boots in front of the pile we pulled out of there just on the first day
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Kacee, Becky, Madeline, and Mandy in front of the pile-o-junk
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Yup, that's a lot of moldy stuff, now after the second day...that refrigerator leaked, and it was the worst smell in the history of the world
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On our last day mucking this house, we smelled natural gas, but it was residual
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Lunch time with Christine, Kacee, and Mike
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The house after we were very nearly done with it
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We had to strip it all the way down to the studs in order for the owners to be able to sell it back to the state
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